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Engelsholm folk high school is the creative and artistic folk high school og Denmark. Our DNA is creatively creating courses within art, music and design – combined with professionalism, passion, filosofi and fellowship.

At Engelsholm you will find exeptional tuition, provided by highly professional and dedicated teachers, a strong community and basis for technical and professional development. 

At Engelsholm castle you find the most beautifully situated folk high school and a unique place to work with your fantasy, experiment, the great tunes, art and craft in our well equipped and newly renovated workshops.

Have a look at our main subjects below


Open your eyes to the possibility of photography, and build the foundations of your photographic ability.

This semester of photography gives you a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the history of photography, technics and genrers.

Elektronisk musik sangskrivning Engelsholm Højskole


Wanting to learn how to compose and produce music with the computer as your instrument?

Electronic Music at Engelsholm Folk High School is fitted for those wanting to develop as a producer and creator of music with electronic tools. 

Engelsholm Højskole Sangskrivning


Do you have ambitions expressing yourself artistically through words and music?

If you are fascinated by music, poetry, and the craftsmanship behind a good tune, Songwriting is for you.

Engelsholm Højskole Smykkekunst smykkedesign


Do you want to work with jewelry as an art form and deep dive into design processes?

Learn the craft of jewelry making and explore the many materials available to you.

Engelsholm Billedkunst


Do you want to immerse yourself into art history and contemporary art?

In Fine Art you work with your personal visual style in painting and graphics. Learn to critique and discuss artworks, and create your own.

Engelsholm Højskole Keramik værksted


Do you want to experiment with glass and ceramics?

Formlab is a laboratory of form. Here you will develop a good sense of craft and materials, so you can translate your ideas into physical shape.

VJ & digital kunst

Audiovisual art & VJing

Do you want to work with digital graphics and video as an art form?

If you wish to use technology as an artistic tool to create new experiences with sound and moving pictures, Audiovisual Art &VJing is for you.

Engelsholm Højskole få en rundvisning

Book a tour

Are you considering a semester at Engelsholm?

Stop by and experience the workshops, castle and atmosphere. You are always welcome to book a tour. We will do our best to find a teachers of you favorite course to show you around.