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Rooms and surroundings

Engelsholm Højskole Slottet værksteder

The rooms

At Engelsholm Folk High School, the rooms are distributed among three different buildings: The castle, the Barn, and the farmhouse. These buildings were erected in different eras, from 1593 to 1985, and each has its own unique charm. You will find that the rooms vary in layout depending on whether the building was originally designed for rooms or if the rooms have been adapted to the old buildings.


On the first and second floors of the castle, you will find some of the rooms. Here, you will enjoy the many details and quirks of the old building. The beautiful and ancient castle is filled with charm, and you will hear creaks and groans as you walk through the corridors. From the rooms, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the lake, the forest, or the other buildings.

The rooms have different furnishings and do not have the castle’s original decor. In the castle, students primarily live in pairs and share bathrooms and toilets with other students.


The barn was built in 1985 and was exclusively constructed and furnished as a room area. Here the rooms are uniformly furnished and have views of the castle park or the courtyard. In the barn, students primarily live in pairs and share bathrooms and toilets in the corridor with the other residents of the house.


The Farmhouse is the smallest of the room areas and here you will find primarily single rooms. The house is a charming, former smallholder’s farm, built in 1931. Since the house has few rooms, it is a quiet section with limited “traffic” in the hallway.

Room in the castle

Room in the castle

Room in the castle

Room in the Stable

Room in the castle

Room in the castle

Room in the castle

Room in the castle

Room in the castle

Room in the castle

Room in the castle

Room in the Stable

Interior of Engelsholm Castle: Room Layout


The dining room consists of three interconnected rooms. Here we enjoy the three main meals of the day, and of course we also use the time for socialising and relaxation. The food is prepared by our fantastic team of Food Artists. We take turns helping with the washing up, so the kitchen can concentrate on making sure we have something good to eat. The kitchen team is always open to input, and if you have an idea, a question, or are curious about the day’s menu, just pop your head in. The kitchen is located in two of the castle’s towers, next to the dining room.

The Knight’s Hall

We gather in the Knight’s Hall every day for morning assembly. Here you can study the beautiful details and think about the many grand parties and people who have danced in the hall in the changing fashions and dance styles of the time. The walls of the room are covered in the most beautiful gold leaf, which takes you back to beautiful craftsmanship and original interior design. The gold leaf wallpaper was not installed until after the fire in 1952, while the beautifully painted doors date back to the Baroque period. When the high school was founded, the Knight’s Hall was used, among other things, as a gym and for an annual carnival.

We also use the Knight’s Hall for lectures, concerts and much more. This is also where we usually hold high school evenings.


On the first floor of the castle you will find the administration, teacher’s room, headmaster’s office and a smaller lecture hall. In one of the tower rooms you will find the Countess’ Chamber, which is used for meetings and teaching, e.g. as a rehearsal room for songwriting. The teachers can often be found in the teacher’s room when they are not active in the school’s workshops with the students.


The high school’s bar is located under the vaulted ceilings of the cellar. The rooms and facilities can be used throughout the week for socialising, games, table tennis, etc. At weekends, the party committee opens the bar – and then it’s party time.

The subject areas Audiovisual Art and VJing, Songwriting and Electronic Music are often responsible for the evening’s coolest musical and visual performances.


The four towers with onion domes are special features of Engelsholm Castle. On the ground floor you will find the tower rooms Rubinen and Brudeværelset, both of which are used for meetings, teaching, socialising, etc. The two other tower rooms are used as kitchens.

On the first floor you will find the Countess’ Chamber in one of the towers, which is furnished as a meeting/teaching room. The headmaster has an office in the other tower.

The Newspaper Room

In the past, the newspaper room was the Chamberlain’s room. We can only guess what the Chamberlain and his guests did here.

Today, the Chamberlain’s room is used as a dining room and newspaper/living room. Here you can relax, play games, talk, read newspapers and much more.


The Surroundings of Engelsholm High School


The forests surrounding Engelsholm High School offer a myriad of trails that follow the paths through the beautiful woodlands. You can go for a walk or a run, or simply enjoy the beautiful scenery and perhaps find inspiration for your next project. The forests are beautiful in every season, which you will experience if you are on a long course at Engelsholm.

Engelsholm Lake

The high school is located on the shore of Engelsholm Lake. Here we have a bathing jetty that gives you the opportunity to take a warm or icy cold dip, depending on the time of year you are brave enough to swim. If you jump into the lake on a winter morning, you are sure to be ready to continue the rest of the day’s program.

The Moat

The road to the castle leads over the old moat, which is connected to Engelsholm Lake. The moats have served as protection for the castle and its inhabitants in the past. Today, it is a beautiful, historic part of and characteristic of Engelsholm Castle. The moat reminds us that Engelsholm has roots that go far back in time. At the same time, it contributes to the cosy atmosphere in the areas around the castle.

The Park

It is easy to find your favourite spot in the park, either on a bench in the forest, on the steps by the castle or by the lake. The park is mainly used for concerts, St. John’s Eve and other cosy events. Our students have even held a festival in the castle park.