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Pricing and admission

Engelholm Højskole korte kurser pris

Pricing for a semester at Engelsholm:

In addition to this, you pay a weekly price that depends on your choice of room. You can choose between a single room, or a shared room with two beds.

The prices for 2023 are as follows:

  • Single room

    DKK 2.050/week

  • Shared room

    DKK 1.750/week

Workshop fee and materials

In addition to the weekly cost, you pay a workshop fee that covers the upkeep of the workshop and the cost of supplies used during lessons. The fee varies depending on your main subject and electables.

The workshop fees and material bill are paid every 5th week during the semester.

The workshop fee for main subjects:

Formlab: DKK 225/week
Fine Art: DKK 60/week
Photo: DKK 70/week
Jewelry Design: DKK 100/week
Electronic Music: DKK 50/week
Songwriting: DKK 50/week
Audiovisuel Art& VJing: DKK 70/week

The workshop fee for electables:
DKK 0-100 for each period (1 electable period = 4 x 2 hours.)

The Spring semester includes 4 periods and the Autumn semester includes 3 periods.

Material bill
You pay for any extra materials you need for personal projects. E.g. clay, photographic prints, charcoal for croquis, a new notepad or printer paper at the office.


We leave Engelsholm to go on a 1-week study trip each semester. The trip is obligatory. The cost of the trip depends on the destination we choose, but you can expect it to cost between DKK 5.500–7.000


We require our students to hold a liability insurance. We also recoomend that you are covered by a home insurance during your stay with us.

Conditions for payment and cancellation

Admission and payment

Soon after applying for a stay at Engelsholm, we will email you a bill of payments.

We require our international students pay the entire amount up front, and you are not secured a spot before paying.


Cancelling sooner that 4 weeks before the course starts, you will be refunded the full amount, excluding the admission fee.

Cancelling later than 4 weeks before the course begins, you wil be refunded the full amount, minus the admission fee and the cost of 4 weeks.

Cancelling during the course, you will be refunded the cost of the remaining weeks not including the current week you choose to cancel. You will also be billed a cancellation fee of DKK 5000.

The weekly cost of the semester:

The Spring semester lasts 24 weeks:
Weekly price x 24
Example: Double-bedded room DKK 1750 x 24 = DKK 42.000

The Fall semester lasts 18 weeks:
Weekly price x 18
Example: Double-bedded room DKK 1750 x 18 = DKK 31.500

The total cost of the semester

Admission fee + deposit + weekly cost + workshop fee x number of weeks + study trip = the total cost

Your material bill will vary according to your chosen main subject and what projects you choose to work on. It is therefore not included in the above calculation.


Spring semester of 2024:
24 weeks, 11.01.-26.06.2024

Autumn 2024

Autumn semester of 2024:
18 weeks, 22.08.-18.12.2024