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Electronic Music

Electronic music at Engelsholm is not just music on a computer. We challenge what music is and dive into both traditional, avant-garde, and modern composition techniques.

Electronic music is both suitable for producing radio-friendly dance tracks and for exploring and challenging the very foundations of music. Sometimes at the same time.

At Engelsholm Højskole, we work on the electronic music line with week-based projects. Each week you can expect to be thrown into new inspirations and techniques. Everyone can participate regardless of whether you have experience or not.

You will acquire skills in mixing audio tracks to achieve a balanced and polished sound, as well as receive an introduction to synthesizer fundamentals. Additionally, we’ll demonstrate how to utilize your computer for live music performance, offering opportunities for collaboration with songwriting students to craft original compositions

Here are some of the week projects and themes we work with:

Alternative sound sources, synthesizer, live performance with your computer, mixing, and together with Songwriting, we will blend the two disciplines into a final project


David Mondrup

Anders Ruby