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Fine Arts

Fine Arts is a land of opportunity to be inspired by art history and contemporary art, as well as to explore, brainstorm, experiment, and express impressions within painting, installation, drawing, and graphics.

In Fine Arts classes, we work with 2-3 week projects. In each project, you can expect to be challenged with new ways of seeing images and expressing yourself, while new theories and techniques are connected to the different themes.

In Fine Arts, you will gain knowledge of art history and contemporary art, finding inspiration to strengthen and enrich your personal visual language and expression within painting and graphics.

The teaching consists of thematic artistic presentations, assignments, discussions, dialogue, and personal guidance.

The approach in Visual Arts is often project-oriented. We explore various expressions based on art history and contemporary art. The challenge lies in opening up and breaking with conventional ways of thinking and acting within the visual arts. We have collective image reviews where we discuss and contextualize the works and provide constructive criticism.

In the graphic workshop, we work with different printing methods: monotype, collagraphy, linoleum printing, drypoint etching, reduction printing, etc.

We learn about Portrait and Staging, Nature and Culture, the experimental painting, collage and artist books, and we work with the table as a common motif, where presentations provide insight into what has happened at the table in art historical periods.

Final Project

The last four weeks of the semester you will work on a self-defined project – independently or together with others. It is a course where you define and formulate the framework yourself. The project weeks are a unique opportunity to go deeper into techniques, themes or concepts that have already been covered in the teaching, but it is of course also possible to try out your own ideas. The project consists of brainstorming, planning, describing the project and an argument for the content and of course the execution of the project itself.

The last week of the project period is aimed at the semester’s final exhibition, where all lines present their works.
The exhibition is a public event.


Pernille Mouritzen

Bente Stamp