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Formlab Ceramics & Glass

Formlab is a form laboratory – primarily in the materials of glass and ceramics. This course provides you with the knowledge, technique and skills to transform your ideas into form and expression, while at the same time giving you a good understanding of craftsmanship and materials.

Formlab has 4 well-equipped workshops: ceramics workshop, glassblowing studio, kiln-formed glass, plaster room and a laboratory dedicated to form.

You will find yourself engaged with the world, inspired to interact with it, get ideas, test them in sketches and models. You go on an exploration, talk about your project, do experiments, make decisions and leave other possibilities open. You explore form, surface and materials, are in conversation with the material, are amazed and create interesting, beautiful and innovative ceramics and glass.

Formlab is a platform for working and acting as a reflective practitioner.

Here is what you are going to work with:

In the Ceramics Workshop we work with Modeling, Throwing, Slab and Coiling and in the Glass Workshop you will learn the techniques about Glassblowing, Fused Glass, Layers of Glass and how glass can be refracted in wondrous ways.

Project weeks
During the last four weeks of the semester, you will work on a self-defined project independently or together with others. This is a process where you define and formulate the framework yourself. The project weeks are a unique opportunity to delve deeper into techniques, themes, isms, or concepts that have already been covered in the teaching – but it is of course also possible to try out your own ideas.
The project consists of idea generation, planning, description of the project and an argumentation for the content – and of course the actual execution of the project.
The last week of the project period is aimed at the semester’s final exhibition, where all lines present their works.
The exhibition is a public event.


Amalie Larsen

Morten Cramer