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Jewelry Design

Jewelry is expression, narrative, and materials

Immerse yourself in jewelry design and experience the diverse world of jewelry. At Engelsholm High School, we work with jewelry as an art form, where both fashion and art contribute to challenging our perception of the true value of jewelry.

An art form and modern form of expression that is constantly evolving and where tradition, function, and form are challenged by new trends and materials. We challenge both the classic and the alternative. We are inspired by nature, history, and contemporary art to explore, brainstorm, and experiment with the diverse possibilities of jewelry design. We work project-oriented in the teaching. In each project course, you will be challenged in new ways of expressing yourself and new techniques are associated with the different themes.

Beginners will initially focus on learning to master techniques, while advanced learners will emphasize idea generation and the personal approach and resolution of tasks.

Here are some of the disciplines you will be working on in jewelry design:

Jewelry and Landscapes, re-design, statement jewelry, the personal jewelry, digital design and digital production methods.

Project weeks

During the last four weeks of the semester, you will work on a self-defined project independently or together with others. This is a course where you define and formulate the framework yourself. The project weeks are a unique opportunity to delve deeper into techniques, themes, isms or concepts that have already been covered in the teaching – but it is of course also possible to try out your own ideas. The project consists of idea generation, planning, description of the project and an argumentation for the content – and of course the actual execution of the project. The last week of the project period is focused on the semester’s final exhibition, where all lines present their works. The exhibition is a public event.


Jette Wonsyld